Behind the Scenes: An Exclusive Interview with Hitsujibungaku Reveals a Rare Insight into the Trio’s Persona

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The first show of Hitsujibungaku in Bangkok has come to an end, leaving many fans longing for more of the trio’s captivating stage presence and powerful performances. The COSMOS now offers you the chance to delve deeper into the lives of the band’s three members through this exclusive interview, courtesy of the Seen Scene Space team and Sony Music Japan record label.

Although the interview is limited to just 20 minutes, it provides a glimpse into the band’s lighter side. In this Space Invader session, we’ve invited the trio to share insights on their song more than words, their thoughts on the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, and their advice on starting a band.

Moeka: This is my first time here, so I was really surprised to see all the tickets sold out.

Moeka: It was created as the ending theme for an anime. I watched the manga and anime repeatedly to figure out what kind of music would suit the scenes and story.

Yurika: I like ‘Zenin Maki’. Despite concerns about her family’s status and her inability to use occult magic, she continuously developed her own strengths. I find that very admirable.

Moeka: I like ‘Mechamaru’. In the final scene where he dies. It was a scene that I couldn’t read without crying. Made me cry during that scene many times.

Fukuda: I like ‘Mahito’, both his appearance, his way of thinking, his philosophy, his empty feeling. The essence of humanity that makes me feel very interesting, so I like it.

Fukuda: Possibly Evangelion. All the members are likeable. Even though it’s difficult, But I’d love to give it a try someday.

Moeka: Not much has changed, really. We’ve always liked what we like.

Moeka: There are some similarities and differences.

Moeka: I write to express and uplift myself. When I need comfort or motivation, I turn to music. So, it’s not solely for others but also a way of communicating with my own generation.

Moeka: It’s exclusive to Japan. We’ll be performing at Yokohama Arena on April 21, our largest venue. It might be a bit far, but if you’re interested, feel free to come and see.

Yurika: I’m familiar with an artist named ‘Numcha’. We used to perform together live and had some conversations. She’s really cool, I admire her.

Moeka: I’m into ‘Stamp’. He attended one of our live performances in Japan, and I enjoy listening to his songs.

Fukuda: I don’t have any specific favorites, but as Yurika mentioned, there was a group we collaborated with. Working together with them influenced my taste. I’m mostly into indie-rock and indie-pop artists, and I plan to keep exploring that genre in the future.

Moeka: Definitely. I believe that dwelling too much on the future can hinder progress. It’s important to take the plunge and let things unfold naturally.

Yurika: Building a band involves more than just making music. It’s about fostering human connections. Considering this aspect alongside the music can enrich the experience.

Fukuda: Personally, I got into bands because I genuinely enjoyed it. Keeping the initial motivation in mind can drive you forward on this journey.

Moeka: We’re thrilled to have performed in Thailand for the first time this year. There are still many Thai fans who have not had the opportunity to see our live performance, you can still enjoy our music through our MVs, CDs, and other works. Please continue to support us.

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Japanese Translator: Nitchanan Pattarapitak
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